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The 1st Incubator for social enterprises in Luxembourg

Our mission

6zero1 supports social entrepreneurs throughout the process of creating and launching their societal impact enterprise.

6zero1 hosts entrepreneurs that help solve social and societal issues in areas such as mobility, social housing, aging population, improved living conditions, disabilities, etc.

6zero1's mission is to create sustainable jobs through a web of sustainable and economically viable enterprises.

Incubation + Acceleration

For social enterprises, self-employed persons, associations, ASBL that want to become a SIS

12 months


Office, Internet, Printer, Meeting rooms, Kitchen, Lounge


6-Network, 6-Assistance, 6-Training, 6-Finance, 6-Consulting, Individualised training and support on social impact indicators and social impact measurement


Incubator + Accelerator package: 4800€ exclusive VAT

Price per package:

A - Company / Existing entity
4800€ exclusive VAT, payable at the beginning of the programme.

B - Independent entrepreneur
Subscription fee 1200€ payable directly upon acceptance to the programme + Monthly installments of 400€ exclusive VAT for 9 months



The creation of social enterprises requires building relationships with many partners to identify needs in the most appropriate manner. Objective: Meet key people who will provide the answers and satisfy the needs of social entrepreneurs (experience, lodging, training, etc.). 6zero1 supports and helps entrepreneurs to widen and strengthen their partnerships.


6zero1 offers assistance on an application for approval of a societal impact enterprise (SIS). Objective: Enable social entrepreneurs to build their societal impact enterprise (SIS) in the best possible conditions by facilitating their efforts.


6zero1 organizes collective training on targeted themes, related to the launch and development of economic activity, and the extent of the social impact. Objective: Increase knowledge / skills of social entrepreneurs and create a dynamic group among social entrepreneurs.


6zero1 allows project owners to receive financing for the start of their social enterprise (Microfinance, Philanthropy, bank loans, etc.). Objective: Enable social impact enterprises (SIS) to obtain the necessary funding to launch their business and provide them with a viable economic framework.


6zero1 offers individual support to each social entrepreneur and arranges meetings with industry experts. Objective: Target the needs of social entrepreneurs and provides connections directly with professionals to address specific issues (trustees, editors, designers, legal, marketing, etc.).

The process

Launch of call for proposals

15 October 2017

Applications deadline

30 November 2017

Selection by jury

13 December 2017 (Pitch)

Bootcamp session by Compellio

8 January 2018 (programme start)

By submitting your application to 6zero1, you agree to the terms of service.

About us

  • Gontran Poirot
    6zero1 manager

6zero1 is a new co-working, consulting and training space in Luxembourg with the mission to contribute to the creation of sustainable jobs through a network of sustainable and economically viable social enterprises. With a customized incubation programme, 6zero1 accompanies social entrepreneurs through the process of creating and launching their social business.


6zero1 is the first societal impact society (SIS) hence its name: SIS No. 01 = 6zero1.


6zero1 aims to accommodate and support the development of social enterprises. It aims to achieve this by supporting the development of economically viable activities, whilst simultaneously providing support to people in situations of fragility; contributing to the preservation of social cohesion; supporting the fight against exclusion and gender inequality; strengthening territorial cohesion; and through the development of educational, cultural and creative activities.


6zero1 supports all entrepreneurs who wish to adopt the new legal form of societal impact society (SIS), accompanying them concretely in their efforts (training, funding and advice) and offering a personal and comfortable individual workspace.


6zero1 is located in Differdange, in 1535 ° – the hub dedicated to entrepreneurship and creative industries, taking advantage of a dynamic professional environment, conveniently located near the Belgian and French borders.


6zero1 receives financial support from the National Relief Work of Grand Duchess Charlotte and from SNCI.

With the financial support of

Contact us

115a, rue Emile Mark L-4620 Differdange , Luxembourg